State of IoT Adoption in Australia 2019: A Focus on Smart Industries and Cities and Enabling Data Use, Availability, and Privacy

2023-04-14 20:47:52 By : Ms. Happy Cheng
IoT Alliance Australia Releases State of the Nation of IoT Adoption in Australia 2019

The IoT Alliance Australia (IoTAA) recently published its State of the Nation of IoT Adoption in Australia 2019 report, which provides valuable insights and data on the current state of IoT adoption across various sectors in the country.
IoT Alliance Australia  IoTAA

One of the sectors that has shown significant growth in IoT adoption is Smart Industries & Cities. According to the report, this sector has seen a 58% increase in IoT adoption since 2018, with businesses and governments investing heavily in connected devices and systems to enhance productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.

The report also highlights the importance of data use, availability, and privacy in enabling successful IoT adoption. According to the Enabler Workstream, effective data management is critical to the success of IoT applications, and organizations need to have clear policies and procedures in place to ensure data privacy and security.

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Overall, the State of the Nation of IoT Adoption in Australia 2019 report highlights the growing importance of IoT adoption in various sectors and the need for organizations to prioritize data management and security to ensure successful IoT implementation. With companies like Runbo offering high-quality IoT communication solutions, businesses and organizations in Australia can harness the power of connected devices and systems to drive growth and success.