S20 Barcode scaner Large screen mobile smart terminal

Runbo S20 is an all-in-one QR code scanning handheld with excellent scanning capability,it is embedded with QR code scanning module developed by Runbo to meet the needs of barcode scanning customers.  It adopts a professional scanning engine。 Support 34 kinds of 1D/2D barcode, the recognition rate is 100%, and the recognition speed can reach 50ms. Powerful image processing algorithm and OCR verification mechanism can perfectly read and repair damaged, distorted, wrinkled barcode. It also upport laser positioning and scanning code, light source and grating optics, precise multi-dimensional structure calibration.

Products Details

▷Scanning engine:professional scanner SE6100-2D ▷Optical resolution:1280x800 pixels/844x640 pixels ▷Scanning accuracy: ≥3mil ,Code 39/128 ▷Scanning angle:tilt 360° ,pitch:± 45° ,skew:± 60° ▷Laser Safety Level:Class 2
▷Processor MT6762V octa core 2.0GHz
▷OS Android 9.0
▷Momery 64GB ROM+4GB RAM
▷Micro SD card support upto 64GB
▷Screen 5.45" 720x1440 HD+18: 9. LTPS
▷Touch panel GFF 10 points touch,support glove operation
▷Front camera 5 mega pixels(FF)
▷Main camera 13 mega pixels PDAF,
▷Battery 5000mAh polymer battery
▷Quick charge 9V/2A
▷Speaker 1217 dual speaker
▷Sensors Optical distance sensor, gravity sensor, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor
▷Working temp. -20~55℃
▷Storage temp. -40~60℃
 Bands GSM:B2/B3/B5/B8
▷Wifi 802.11 a/b/g/n  2.4GHz+5GHz
▷USB type C,waterproof type
▷OTG support
5: Scenes to be used: In the logistics express and new retail industries, barcode recognition technology is used to ensure that enterprises can accurately and real-time grasp the status and specific flow of goods, and seamlessly connect and share data with the existing ERP system, making warehouse management more timely, accurate, convenient and efficient. , thereby improving the efficiency of warehousing operations. Anti-bacterial materials can be customized for hospital PDA and handheld: The automatic identification of medical equipment barcode scanning module is used to establish a smart medical system on the barcode wristband system. Medical staff can quickly scan the wristband and drug barcode information with the QR code scanning handheld. Accurately know the patient's condition.3: 5000mAh large battery, 18W fast charge For frequent operations and long standby time, we are equipped with a large 5000mAh battery and adopt the TYPE-C super fast charging solution. According to the current charging state of the battery, it can intelligently output voltage and current to charge the battery, which effectively improves the charging efficiency. effectiveness. It only takes 30 minutes to charge a 50% charge.4: Slim and rugged design,IP67 waterproof. 5.45-inch HD+ full screen, with a window ratio of up to 90%, is currently superior to the market handheld terminal. Through the optimization of its own hardware and structure, the design is more ergonomic, and compared with traditional handheld terminal products, it is lighter, thinner and more comfortable; the body adopts industrial grade The two-color injection molding process design is equipped with an integrated injection molding steel sheet in the film, and the free drop can reach 2.0 meters. The three-proof level is up to IP67, which greatly increases the life cycle of the equipment.1:Super powerful octa core CPU comprehensive upgrade Equipped with a super powerful octa core 2.0Ghz processor, with an upgraded operating system Android 9.0, providing a more stable, smoother and more complete application experience for work. 2:Strong scanning performance The scanning head has strong performance and can accurately and quickly read all kinds of 1D and 2D barcode, whether it is stained, old, faded or screen displayed.barcodes can be accurately read,it is flexibly used in different application scenarios.

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